Welcome to the Supper Club of the South

How did we meet?

In the Fall of 2012, Leslie, Ellison, Mallory, Emily, Kathryn and myself joined the Junior League of Atlanta.  Leslie was actually my college roommate/bestie at the University of Georgia and nudged me to join.  Our League has over 3,000 members and is one of the biggest in the United States. The Junior League of Atlanta assigns new members to provisional groups to help make learning about the League an easier and more worthwhile experience. The six of us were so lucky to be placed in the same group. Les and I were actually assigned to the same group without request, lucky!

scots 1

Favorite Things Party 2012

New members meet with their provisional group and leader, a long time Junior League of Atlanta member, about once a month to ask questions and connect about what is happening in the League. From our first meeting, it was evident that we would soon become fast friends! During our monthly gatherings we enjoyed eating our away around Atlanta and building lifelong friendships.  It was so fun to have new a group of girls in this giant metropolis.

After our provisional year came to a close, Ellison (our social chair of our provisional group) suggested we keep on meeting and of course we were all in agreement!   We picked the third Monday of the month as our official meeting day and our supper club was born.  Instead of traveling around the city to various restaurants, we decided to take turns hosting the monthly gathering.  I eagerly signed up first, as I LOVE to entertain (more on that later).  In our supper club, the host provides only drinks and maybe a small side while the other members bring the other parts of the meal. Sometimes we have a theme, other times we are all crazy busy with work and bring whatever we have at home or one of our favorite dishes from Whole Foods. Personally, I try and use the meeting as a time to try out a recipe I’ve been eyeing on Pinterest that my hubs doesn’t seem too keen on. To be honest though, we are all more interested in conversation than what ends up on our plates.  With all of us working, volunteering, and traveling many of us only see each other at our monthly meetings.  Even though we have a long chain of iMessages and email strands throughout the month, we have way more to say than we can type.

scots 2

Summer Cookout 2013

How was Supper Club of the South born?

Blogs, blogging, bloggers are topic of many of our conversations. Towards the end of November, I emailed the girls to pitch the idea of our supper club starting a blog. Immediately the “yes” responses were coming in and everyone seemed equally excited. Oh, how I love these girls so much! Names and topics began flying through the email strands. We decided to discuss the deets at our next supper club meeting.  I could not wait!

scots 3

Backstreet Boys 2013

December was a crazy busy month for all of us and time for cooking was not in anyone’s Kate Spade/Riffle Paper Co./ Lilly Pulitzer/ Mara Mi planner.  Ellison suggested Aja in Buckhead for our December supper club. Aja was a favorite during our Atlanta tour de restaurants since they have $5 sushi rolls and drinks on Monday nights (I even had my 26th birthday dinner there). Maybe it’s because none of us had to rush home from work and cook, or maybe it was just the idea of the blog itself, but our conversation was more fun and lively than usual.  After hours of discussion and notes on the back of our receipts, our blog was born!

Supper Club of the South photo shoot 2014
For the Love of Juneau photography

– Aubrey Lee


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