Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! This week in Atlanta has definitely been one for the history books. All of us are safe and sound and ready for life to return to normal.


hunter socks

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This  week I am thankful to own a pair of  Hunter Moss Cable Cuff Welly Socks. I received them last year for my birthday from one of my besties in Colorado who had nothing but great things to say about them. At first, I thought $40 + for a pair of socks was a little redic, but they have transformed my Hunter Rain Boots into the most amazing snow boots. My toes are thanking me for helping them survive the Polar Vortex and #snowjam2014. I highly recommend you add these to the TOP of your wishlist.

– Aubrey Lee

into the gloss

Image via Into the Gloss



This week I want to share Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir.  I first heard about this on Into the Gloss, and I had to try it.  White it (unfortunately) does not make me look like a French supermodel; I do feel like it gives my skin a nice “pick-me-up” when I’m looking, and feeling, tired.

– LC


image via

image via

With the weather this week, I was so glad to have my shearling-lined Bean Boots. They were one of my first purchase when I moved to Virginia for college (making them almost 9 years old), but they still get the job done! My feet were warm, dry, and happy in the snow.

– Kathryn Ruth





I wouldn’t have survived the #snowjam2014 this week without my Marc New York quilted down jacket by Marc Andrews. I purchased this coat for a steal at UAL in Nashville back in the fall and have been eager to wear it in cold weather! The fur hood and numerous pockets (for chapstick, keys, phone, etc.) make this jacket the perfect snow day choice.

– Mallory Anne



photo (6)

My favorite thing that got me through #snowjam2014 is my Patagonia Pelage Fleece. It’s super soft and can be dressed up or down. Find it at on sale at  Patagonia & Moosejaw

– Emily Lani





eos lip balm

Image via google

I love eos lip balm!  It is inexpensive and keeps your lips hydrated.  I like all of the flavors, but sweet mint is my favorite.  It smells delicious and tingles a little bit when you put it on.  You can find these at most any retailer and on their website.
– Frances Ellison


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