Dining in Paris

A trip to Paris, who could say no? This past December, I decided to go to Paris to ring in the New Year. This was my first trip to Paris and I can say the city did not disappoint. The weeklong trip was filled with amazing food, shopping, museums, and churches.

Two more of the Supper Club ladies will be traveling to Paris in the next year, so I have created a list with a few of my favorite places to eat, drink, and soak up Paris.



A beautiful restaurant that is great for lunch and pastry. They are known for their hot chocolate “Chocolat Chaude” and Mont Blanc pastry. I had the hot chocolate – it was a heavenly experience. They have many locations around Paris, but I visited the one on Rue de Rivoli.



Benoit is owned by famous chef Alain Ducasse. They serve very traditional French food that is hardy and delicious. His restaurant at Place Athenee is on my list for my next trip to Paris.

Bread and Roses 

I went to Bread and Roses for  lunch after going to the Hermes flagship store. I had a salad with grilled chicken for lunch and not only was it quite tasty it was beautifully plated. They also have great deserts.


One of my favorite dinners from the trip was this charming bistro, owned by celebrity chef Cyril Lignac. It is on a quiet little street and only has a handful of tables so make your reservation early. The food was lovely and so was the atmosphere.

Chez L’Ami Louis 

The first dinner of my trip was this bistro with lots of history and very hearty food. Tucked away on a small street, we appeared to be the only non-local table which is always fun.


Le Georges 

On the top of the Centre Georges Pompidou sits this modern marvel with an amazing view of the city where you can watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle from your table. There were many choices on the modern French menu.

Poilane / Cuisine de Bar

Who does not love bread, especially from one of the most famous boulangerie in the world? First stop is the bread shop, Poilane. Next door is their café, Cuisine de Bar. We ate here for lunch and the soup and sandwich special was perfection. Locals say the sourdough starter for their bread has been around since the time of Jesus. Even if untrue it was the by far the best bread I have ever had.

-Kathryn Ruth


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