Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!


Image via Mariage Frères

Image via Mariage Frères

I bought this tea in Paris and I love it. The past week I have had a cold and sipping this each morning has been helpful to get me up and going. I also bought some for a friend and she loves it too. It is a must try!

– Kathryn Ruth




Image via Supper Club of the South's Instagram

Image via Supper Club of the South’s Instagram

Now that it is not freezing/icing/sleeting/snowing outside, I can finally wear my monogrammed vest from Crystal Faye! This vest is light weight and easy to wear in the fall, winter and spring. I love all of her products, and everything I have purchased from her is great quality.

– Mallory Anne



Image via google

Image via google

All of this snow and cold has made me so ready for warmer weather. I have loved the Spring sneak peak we experienced in Atlanta this week. I can’t wait to dawn dresses and bright colors. My favorite thing of the week, Tan Towels, is a necessity for Spring. I am literally obsessed (ask all my girlfriends)  with the ease of application and the great color it provides. I found out about these before my 2011 Summer wedding and have used them ever since. I buy mine at Van Michael, Ulta, or Amazon. I like the half body sheets best!

– Aubrey Lee

Image via Surf Spray

Image via Surf Spray


Since I can’t go to the beach right now (come on Spring!), I at least want to feel like I’ve been there.  This Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray helps to give your hair a nice wind-blown look.  You can either use it on wet hair and let air dry or spray on dry hair after styling for a great beach-y texture.

– LC


Image via google

Image via google

I am (and have been for a few months now) in love with Chia seeds!  They consistently show up on health food lists and were highly recommended by my cousin.  Once I tried them in my yogurt (about a teaspoon), I have been hooked. I don’t even notice that they are there!  I have also put them on top of salads, but that is about as adventurous as I have been with them.  If you have not already, I would definitely recommend giving them a try!

– Frances Ellison


Image via Sephora

Image via Sephora

One of my favorite things is my Diamancel Foot Buffer. It helps keep my feet smooth between pedis. It’s a must have during sandal season-which can’t get here soon enough! Works best dry not wet. I got my at Sephora.

– Emily Lani


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