February Supper Club


Every month when we get together for supper club we like to try new and different things. We have had potlucks, theme nights, dinners out, and full homemade meals. No matter what the direction, we always have fun.

This month I had the pleasure of hosting and decided to cook a meal based on warm hearty soups. I had a few recipes tucked away that I had been waiting to try.  All I asked the ladies to bring was their own soup bowl.



The two whites paired nicely with all courses and the red was gluten free for Aubrey. I am always in search of good wines under $15 and these fit the bill.



To kick off the evening we started with three different types of crostini.

Blue Cheese and Fig

Ricotta and Roasted Tomato 

Pear and Blue Cheese 


For a gluten free version the toppings were paired with a GF cracker.



 The salad was a simple spring mix topped with cranberries, feta, almonds, and a light homemade vinaigrette inspired by Simply Indecisive.


The soup is what the whole night was really about. I choose two very different soups so that the ladies could have a choice. We kept this course casual and everyone served themselves from the stove.


The first soup was a Ribollita (Italian bread soup). I used a recipe from my friend Sarah that can be found on her blog, Juicy Bites. At first, I was very intimidated by the long list of ingredients but, I am glad I did not let it scare me away. I loved this soup and cannot wait to make it again.


The second soup was a tomato basil. It was adapted from a recipe in Souper Jenny Cooks and was gluten free. I ate this soup at Souper Jenny ( a locally owned Atlanta restaurant) and bought the cookbook so I could make it for everyone. I don’t know if it was quite as good as when the professionals make it but, it was still yummy.



The meal was ended with one of my favorites, sour cream pound cake with warm sugared berries. You can see this recipe on an earlier Our Table post.

IMG_1278 (1)

The evening was filled with lots of laughs and great company. I can’t wait for March supper club. I am so thankful for my supper club ladies!

-Kathryn Ruth


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