Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Here are our favorites of the week.


Image via Jon Hart

Image via Jon Hart

This week I have been running around like crazy and bringing everything but the kitchen sink with me. My favorite tote, Jon Hart Large Holiday Tote, that I got for high school graduation has carried the weight this week. I can’t believe the red tote and I have been together for almost 10 years now.

– Kathryn Ruth




Image via Kate Spade

This girl loves her girlfriends (a permanent staple on my Friday Favorites list)! I am so excited that my BFFL, Laura, is flying in on Wednesday from Wichita (her hubs is currently stationed there with the Air Force)! When she moved away almost two years ago, I thought we needed a friendship bracelet in the adult form. After searching for a bracelet that didn’t consist of split hearts/ying yangs/ peace signs, I found the Kate Spade’s Bridesmaid Idiom Bracelet and immediately fell in LOVE.  We both wear it daily as part of our arm party. I have been L-O-V-I-N-G my bracelet this week (and every week) because it is reminding of all the fun that will be here soon.

– Aubrey Lee


Image via Caitlin Wilson Textiles

Image via Caitlin Wilson Textiles

My favorite thing this week is my new Caitlin Wilson Textiles pillows.  I’ve been a fan of her textiles for quite some time, but I never let myself pull the trigger since they are kind of pricey.  I finally did it, and I really love them.  Pillows are a really quick and easy way to change the feel of a room.  There are so many fabrics that I love, but I decided to start with the Navy Souk Trellis.

– LC


Image via Aveda



One of my favorite things is Aveda air control hair spray. It does not feel heavy or sticky and holds soft curls perfectly. I pick up mine at Van Michael Salon or any Aveda Salon. You can find it online here.

– Emily Lani



Image via Kendra Scott

Image via Kendra Scott

This week I am loving my new Kendra Scott Alexandra Earrings that my sweet sister-in-law surprised me with for my birthday. I love the turquoise color and how lightweight the earrings are! They are perfect for work and for dressing up a casual outfit.

– Mallory Anne




Image via Google

Image via Google

A coworker recommended the Chrome from Google. It streams videos from Netflix, YouTube, and a few other sites. It took me a while to figure out how it worked (yes, I’m a little technologically challenged), but once I did, it was great! You can get yours at Best Buy.

-Frances Ellison


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