Saturday Site Love

Happy weekend! We’ve rounded up the best of the web for you this week. Enjoy!


Does anyone else love the Golden Girls as much as me?  No?  You mean you don’t have a t-shirt, mouse pad, and all seasons on DVD??  Well, even if you’re not as die-hard as me you can find out which of the girls you are most like.  I am so a Dorothy.

There’s a good chance that I’ve been washing my hair wrong all these years.  I’m definitely going to try this method next time I wash my hair!

Atlanta’s own Witty + Pretty came up with a list of the 5 Fattest Foods Girls Love to Eat, and they are so.true.  In fact we’re having a Supper Club brunch this morning.  There’s a good chance we’ll eat #allthefood.

To continue on the Fattest Foods trend, Ben & Jerry’s is coming out with a new “core” ice cream.  It looks amazing!

Southern Living made a list of the South’s Tastiest Towns, and of course Atlanta made the list.  Here are some the SL’s picks.

My husband and I can never figure out where we want to eat.  Ever.  We often go back and forth until we’re so hungry that we eat Lean Cuisines at home.  Maybe this list will help us figure it out.  I’ve tried 8 of the 12 on the list, and I have to agree that they are all great options.



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