How to Eat Healthy on the Road



After the post about travel necessities, I got a few questions about eating healthy while on the road.  I have to start by saying that I would not exactly call what I eat while I am on the road healthy.  However, I have discovered some tips and tricks to ensure that what I am eating isn’t unhealthy.
1.  Buy a good cooler.  It might seem a bit excessive, but bringing a cooler with me has been the easiest way for me to get healthy food on the road.  Most hotels have rooms with refridgerators if you ask. If they don’t, just keep filling it up with ice.
2.  Pack your breakfast.  I do not pack all of my meals while I am on the road, but I always bring some yogurt and chia seeds (one of my Friday Favorites) with me for breakfast.  It’s not much, but I figured I am at least getting one healthy meal in the day.
3.  Bring fruits and veggies.  Before I hit the road I try to go buy some apples, bananas, simple salads, and other easy fruits and veggies to pack.  They will also make for great snacks throughout the day.
4.  Avoid fried food.  I know that food made at restaurants is not nearly as healthy as the food I can make at home. The worst thing for you is fried food, and it makes me feel gross after I eat it.  So I try to avoid it on the road.  Your body is already out of whack when you are away from home, so don’t make it worse.
5.  Buy a 1 gallon water jugs.  I am always dehydrated when I travel.  I bought a little 1 gallon, reusable jug at Whole Foods, and I try to drink 3 gallons each day.  I promise you that staying hydrated makes a world of difference!
I am definitely not a health nut, but these tips have made it a bit easier for me to be on the road all the time.
-Frances Ellison

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