Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! We are so excited it is finally the weekend.



Image via Shout

This week I have been so thankful for one my recent laundry room finds, Shout Color Catchers.These things are seriously the best ever! You no longer have to separate your laundry (#timesaver). I can now do one load of regular clothes and one load of delicates instead of doing two of each. Plus, they are great for clothing items that have multiple “bleedable” colors. Shout Color Catchers look almost exactly like a dryer sheet and somehow collect all the various colors flowing through your washing machine. You can remove them as you transfer clothes to the dryer, but you don’t have to.  I am officially obsessed!

– Aubrey Lee



Image via Sephora

I’m sure you are so tired of hearing us talk about the weather…but it’s finally spring!!  Time for shorts, sundresses, and sandals.  Unfortunately that doesn’t mean my skin is ready to be wearing those things.!  Luckily I just picked up this Bare Minerals Faux Tan Face and Body duo (mine was a travel size of each – found in the Bare Minerals store).  It’s a nice, subtle, buildable tan that lasts several days.

– LC




Image via Briggs-Riley

Image via Briggs & Riley

To go along with my posts about traveling recently, I figured I would share my favorite luggage.  Briggs & Riley is light weight, very durable, and will extend when necessary.  I have it in a carry on size and a larger size, and I would definitely recommend them both.

-Frances Ellison





Image via Bath and Body Works

Image via Bath and Body Works

When I want a neutral shimmery lip I go for this gloss. It’s the perfect tint, makes your lips smooth and has an added bonus of being minty! You can also pick it up at Bath and Body Works.

– Emily Lani







Image via Fitbit

Image via Fitbit

My office is going to have weekly step competitions starting in April. I bought my fitbit early to test it out and I love it. I have the black band now but can’t wait till Tory Burch releases her fitbit accessories.

– Kathryn Ruth




Image via Evelyn Henson

Image via Evelyn Henson

I recently received the Atlanta print from Evelyn Henson for my birthday and it was one of my favorite gifts! My favorite thing about this print is the history of Atlanta. Having grown up in Atlanta, I am proud to hang this print on my wall! From the Varsity to the 1996 Olympics, Evelyn painted the most important pieces of Atlanta’s history. You can find more cities and other prints on her website. Her Sparkle like Champagne print which is featured in our Supper Club Giveaway is also on her website.

– Mallory Anne

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