Trend We Love: Statement Earrings

A-Piece-of-Toast_OldNavy_Pixie_140307-5top image via

So, I have a weird confession to make…I don’t have pierced ears. I know, I know. I am a grown woman with no holes in my ears. Alert the fashion police!

The truth is, I’ve never been a big earring person…unless you count magnetic earrings from Claire’s in middle school (you know those were cool!). I finally broke down and got my ears pierced when I was in college. I wore the occasional diamond stud, but my ears were never a part of a fashion statement. Now I’ve gone so long without earrings that there are no holes to speak of.

But lately, I’ve been seeing earrings everywhere. I think it’s the universe telling me that it’s time to head back to Claire’s and re-punch those holes. And I’m not talking about little studs…I’m talking about the big boys. Lately I am loving big, loud, dangly earrings. Here are some that are catching my eye (or ear?).


1. BaubleBar ($38)  2. Design Darling ($75)  3. J. Crew ($75)  4. Loren Hope ($68)  5. J. Crew ($68)  6. Kate Spade ($78)
What do you guys think about the statement earring trend?  Also, who wants to hold my hand at Claire’s??

4 thoughts on “Trend We Love: Statement Earrings

  1. Tram M. Vu says:

    I don’t wear much costume jewelry but #3 will be perfect for my dress for this wedding I’m gonna be in in a few weeks! Thanks!

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