Friday Favorites We are very excited about our favorites this week. Enjoy!


1. I’ve mentioned before that I can’t resist J. Crew. Really. It’s a problem. I’m not usually one to splurge on something like sandals, but after seeing these here and here I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I finally pulled the trigger two weeks ago during one of J. Crew’s 25% off sales (use code HEYSPRING right now!), and I love them! I’ve only been able to wear them once, but I’m sure they will get a lot of use in the next few months. – LC

2. My family has a Christmas tradition to give new pajamas on Christmas Eve so that we all wake up in matching PJs (cheesy, I know!).  This year, my mom gave us PJs from C. Wonder and I absolutely love them.  If you do not have a C. Wonder near you, you can find them online. – Frances Ellison

3. This is my go-to kitchen tool when I need to slice anything in large quantities. It’s awesome for making baked (or fried!) sweet potato chips.  Pick it up here. – Emily Lani

4. People from Texas like big hair. That is all I have to say. – Kathryn Ruth

5. I recently received a Minimergency Kit by Pinch from a dear friend as a gift, and it has already been a lifesaver. This tiny little pouch contains everything a woman may need in case of an emergency. It includes: stain remover, earring backs, a tampon, dental floss, and much more! You can purchase this kit here and here. – Mallory Anne

6. I am obsessed with my FHI Elite Professional Series Styling Iron! I have been using this type of straightener for the last five years (I am on my second one).  It is totally worth the money, if you have naturally curly hair like muah.  My hair looks 100x better when I use my FHI than when I use other “well known” straighteners.  YOU need this for the upcoming summer, I promise!   My husband can even tell a difference!

This styling iron must be purchased from a salon or the FHI website. If you live in Atlanta or Miami, Van Michael is the place to pick this up! Wait until their quarterly Customer Appreciation Day to get yours up to 20% off.

– Aubrey Lee



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