Saturday Site Love


I don’t know about you, but I need an adult spring break – like right now. Southern Living rounded up their Ultimate Spring Escapes, and I’m ready to pack my bags.

If you can’t get away for Spring Break, here are 15 things every Southerner should do this Spring. #13 is identify your pool friends…does anyone want to volunteer to be mine? I promise I’ll bring snacks!

I really enjoy cooking, but I HATE doing dishes. These one dish dinners will be a lifesaver!

Mallory found this list of things you didn’t know your iphone could do. I literally don’t even know how to use Siri so this list will be super helpful for me.

The hashtags that everyone needs at work are hilarious. #whyisitsocoldinhere

I am obsessed with the Olsen twins – MK & A as I call them. Everything they do is…including socks with Birkenstocks. Seriously?!? How do they make that look cool. Anyway, I really enjoyed this interview with them in Elle Magazine.

Have a great weekend!




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