Keeping Your Routine on the Road

I am sure you have noticed by now that I travel a good bit for work. While traveling can be a lot of fun as you explore new places, it can also disrupt your routine in a snap. When I am home, I love doing fun exercise classes like spinning, yoga, and Pure Barre. However, I noticed that when I was traveling these routines went straight out the window and all of the sudden it had been a few weeks since my last workout. I have come up with a few ideas that work for me to help keep my routine even when I am away from home.

1. I have found some workout videos that I can play on my computer and do regardless of where I am at the moment. Classes are great, but they just don’t work for me to keep up a routine.  My personal favorites are Insanity and Tone It Up.


2. I am absolutely not a morning person, but I have forced myself to get up to workout in the morning.  It is a much easier habit to keep on the road and it is always nice to not have to think about it after work.

3. Treat yourself to some new workout clothes.  Whenever I am having trouble getting motivated to get out of bed to do my workout, I go buy a new workout outfit.  I got the idea from Jillian Michaels and it really does work!


4. Finally, just do it.  Regardless of where you are, just do something.  If I just don’t feel like I can give 100% one morning, I like to remind myself that giving 50% is better than 0%.

-Frances Ellison


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