Friday Favorites

It’s finally Friday, and thank goodness the weather is beautiful and warm again! Enjoy this week’s favorites.

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1. I am so happy that spring is finally here! This week my Yonanas made its return to my kitchen counter and I could not be happier. I mean, who doesn’t love “ice cream” with way LESS calories? It is literally the best.thing.ever. It turns bananas into soft serve (no joke!). Don’t just take my word for it, Skinny Gina loves hers too! I love the strawberry ice cream recipe. Also, if you aren’t a banana fan, they do have recipes sans bananas. I picked mine up at Bed Bath and Beyond since I always have 20% coupons in my mail bin. You can also find it here, here, and here. Will you get one so we can swap recipes? – Aubrey Lee

2. Recently at Whole Foods I found Atlanta Fresh Greek Yogurt and am obsessed!  It is so good, and I love that it is local.  My favorite flavor is the Vanilla & Caramel, but they are all really good.  I have been told that they do sell this brand at Whole Foods outside of Atlanta.  If not, I would suggest trying some local yogurt.  You’ll be glad you did! – Frances Ellison

3. One of my favorite travel accessories is my Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Percy cross-body bag. It is the perfect purse for exploring a new city. It’s small, but still has a lot of pocket room. You’ll be surprised by how much you can fit in it! I love the new spring colors Marc Jacobs has right now! – Mallory Anne

4. I just got the Case-mate Slim Tough Case and I love it! I wanted something that would provide good protection for my phone but wasn’t really bulky- this is perfect! I also had and really loved this case, but it didn’t withstand my clumsiness. –  Emily Lani

5. I splurged and bought this Lilly Pulitzer Moxy Top during lunch this week. I can’t wait to wear it with white jeans! – Kathryn Ruth

6. I’m newly into cooking so I am slowly starting to stock my cabinets with all of the necessary things you need. One thing I had been missing until recently was a good dutch oven.  I originally wanted a Le Creuset, but $300 for a pot?!? I did some more research and found that the Lodge dutch oven had really comparable reviews.  Not bad for a less than 1/3 of the price.  Luckily my mother in law hooked me up this Christmas.  I use it all the time, including when I make pulled pork tacos. – LC


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