Saturday Site Love


I’ve been planning an imaginary trip to Italy for several years now. These amazing photos and tips about the Amalfi Coast did not help to cure my wanderlust.

Aubrey found this great article on the benefits of lemon in your water. Not sure if I’m going to swap out caffeine for lemon water, but it’s worth a shot.

The Everygirl’s questions to ask when cleaning out your closet are great. I need to do some spring cleaning and donating, but it’s hard to get rid of things sometimes!

Now that you’ll have extra room in your closet, you can buy some of Princess Kate’s outfits. Obviously, that will most likely never happen, but isn’t she just perfect.

I mentioned earlier this week that I love pizza. Like, I really love it. So, this white pizza grilled cheese is obviously going to be on my grocery list this weekend.

I’ve got a lot of weekend trips planned this spring and summer. These are some great tips for how to pack the perfect duffel.

Have a great weekend!



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