Eddie Wallace’s Doggie Easter Basket

Easter is one of my favorite days of the year, and who does not love coming home from church to a basket filled with presents?Because there are few I like to spoil more than Eddie Wallace, today I am sharing what will be in his basket this Easter Sunday.

Image1. Every basket needs a bunny or in this case a Knottie Dog Toy Bunny. It is made to be tugged on and loved for a long time.

2. Eddie has many collars so this was the hardest choice to make for his basket. I decided on the C Wonder collar, but it was close race with runner up number one and two right behind. I know I won’t make it through the summer without ordering these other collars.

3. Who can resist a white fluffy Westie! With the beautiful spring weather, Eddie cannot make it between groomer appointments without a bath at home. He loves to dig and cause mischief outside. This shampoo is amazing at turning this tootsies, face, and sometimes even his whole body back to white.

4. Train-Me treats are a house favorite. They are small and great for working on tricks and general obedience. Maybe by next Easter he will do tricks without treats in my hand.

5. I love gingham and Eddie looks so handsome in green this was a must order. This is a first purchase from Aria, but reviews tout its ability to be washed many times- a must for Eddie and his accessories.

6. I read an article that scared me about dog dental hygiene so I am jumping in the bandwagon and bought a toothbrush and toothpaste. Any suggestions as to how to brush a wild adolescent terriers teeth are welcome.

7. Trifexis has been apart of Eddie’s monthly routine since he came home, but with the weather getting warmer it is even more important. I know it is pricy, but it works very well.

Happy Easter y’all!

-Kathryn Ruth


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