Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! We are excited for the beautiful weekend ahead.


1. This week I have been enjoying the Citrus Zinger I got for my birthday from my best friend, Laura. I LOVE lemon water and this had made my life so easy. In the past week, I have consumed more water than average. Don’t new water bottles always make drinking water more fun? I think so! Here’s to drinking more water in my 27th year. – Aubrey Lee


2. A few weeks ago I kept seeing ads on Facebook for Lo & Sons. I finally gave in and decided to take a look.  Soon after I had The OG in my hands.  It is great for an everyday computer bag, but it can also fit a lot in it for traveling. – Frances Ellison


3. Recently I have been on a kick with wearing maxi skirts. They are so comfortable, easy to walk around it and very versatile (I wear mine to work as well!). I have always been a fan of J.Crew’s maxi skirts, and recently bought this striped skirt. I pair my skirt with this denim jacket and this necklace. J.Crew Factory’s entire website is 25% off right now! – Mallory Anne


4. One of the things I use all the time in the kitchen are these mini spatulas. They are great for spreading, scooping and getting the last bit out of small containers. – Emily Lani


5. I bought these Kate Spade Lilia Heels to wear with a simple pink cocktail dress and I can’t wait until my event in May to wear them! They are comfortable, ladylike, and who does not love a bow. – Kathryn Ruth


6. I’m not proud of this, but I have to admit I can be pretty lazy. I can barely keep my house, yard, and desk in order so cleaning my makeup brushes has not ever been on the top of my list. I know, #gross. Recently I was in Target, and as usual, came home with quite a few things that I didn’t need. One of them, this E.L.F. makeup brush cleaner, turned out to be an awesome impulse buy. It’s so easy to use, and it makes my brushes smell really good and feel super soft. The best part…it’s literally ONE DOLLAR at Target – like $1.00. Now I’m in the habit of cleaning them every weekend, and I’m sure my skin is thankful. – LC


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