Friday Favorites

Happy Friday. We are busy traveling and working this weekend. We hope everyone has exciting weekend plans!

Friday Favorites

1. The hubs and I are currently in the process of finishing a MAJOR home renovation (blog post coming!). We have redone both of our upstairs bathrooms, my dressing room, and the laundry room. We have also been painting, adding crown molding, and new carpet to other areas to the upstairs. I recently ordered this flush mount chandelier for my dressing room. The chandelier is perfect for areas that need a little fancy, but only have 12 foot ceilings. I can’t wait to finally get ready in my new dressing room. – Aubrey Lee

2. As a girl raised in the south, handwriting notes is one of my favorite activities! I hate sending my friends plain, boring envelopes though; however, Aubrey discovered The Small Object at Root City Market a few months ago. I fell in love with their Atlanta Love and Happiness Stamp and had to have it! This stamp is the perfect little touch you need for sending letters to your loved ones. – Mallory Anne

3. I love this mirror from Anthropologie, it’s a little bit funky but still classic and looks amazing with various types of home decor! I also love this Anthro mirror. – Emily Lani 

4. I got these earring support patches last week at the Kendra Scott store opening in Atlanta. I am loving them. They really do help when wearing heavy earrings all day long. – Kathryn Ruth

5. I absolutely love my run inspire crops from lululemon. They are so comfortable and hold up through washes so well. I hate it when my workout pants become thin after a few washes. These don’t and they come in lots of fun colors and patterns! – Frances Ellison 

6. I have a relatively new haircut, and I’ve been struggling with how to style it. Recently I decided to catch up on some short hair style tips on YouTube, and I’ve almost learned how to successfully do several different styles with my flat iron. I got this one for Christmas a few years ago. Now that I actually know how to use it for more than straightening, I’ve fallen in love all over again. – LC


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