Saturday Link Love

Happy Saturday! I’m out of town celebrating my younger sister’s college graduation and then we are off to a wedding tonight. The weekends are picking up speed and each one is filled with great family and friends. Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year?


image of beautiful Piedmont Park via Trip Advisor

Links we are LOVING this week:

All of the Supper Club ladies are pumped about the new J. Crew lower priced clothing line. We can’t wait to see it all hit the shelves.

Most of us are first born children (sorry Mal!) and we always knew there was something special about us and that we were similar to Beyonce. #ruletheworld

As you saw yesterday on Friday Favorites, I am in the process of a huge home renovation. This article Ellison found is going to be a huge help when styling my office and and my dressing room.

Also, it’s my turn to host Supper Club this month (stay tuned for deets!). I will be using this article Emily found to put together some simple centerpieces.

The ladies of Supper Club of the South loved growing up in the 90s. We are sorry that future generations will not have all of this awesome stuff.

If you live in Atlanta, you need to check out Mackenzie’s Favorite Things. Mackenzie is one of my Atlanta besties and is moving to Indiana in just a few short weeks after she gets married (please don’t move!). In celebration of her time at Atlanta Dermatology, she has selected her favorite products and procedures and they are being offered at a discount.

Lastly, LC found the perfect explanation of life in graph form. This will be perfect to share around over the weekend (or Monday at the office).

Enjoy your Saturday!




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