Saturday Site Love

Happy Saturday! I am so happy to be in town this weekend. I’m even more excited that one of my #hometownbesties, Jarrad, is coming to visit with his lovely bride. I’ve literally known him since the day I was born. Small town friendships are lifelong friendships. Jarrad is actually who introduced LC to me. Aren’t hometown friends the best?  LC is off volunteering at Zoo Atlanta all weekend. She is such a good Junior League of Atlanta member (#beJLA).


Here’s a flashback of when LC and I were first roomies in 2006. Our other college roomie, Mal, is pretty awesome, too! She is living it up in Denver these days. (Don’t kill me LC!)

and our favorite links of the week are….

Since Jarrad is visiting, I had to share this collection of small town high school ridiculousness. Let me tell you, these things actually happen (#7 always happened, but didn’t ever count as an excused tardy).

LC found this great link on how to turn your “have tos” to “want tos”. I have added this to my “want to” list this week!

Speaking of “want tos”, look at this link Emily found on this dream home. I am starting my wish list now!

My wish list is currently growing thanks to Martha Stewart and her list of her favorite American made products.

Since I am teacher, I am gearing up my lunch spots (and pool bag) for the summer. Check out this great list of Atlanta eats by Andrew Zimmern.

One of my biggest challenges with trying new restaurants is my “nonbestie” the Celiac sprue. Van’s Foods put out a calendar for an entire month of gluten free goodness. I can’t wait to try the recipes for May 28 and May 31.

Lastly, Ellison found this BuzzFeed to help you start your weekend with a round of laughs.

Happy Saturday!

Aubrey Lee


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