What’s in my bag?

Before Ellison left for her European adventure, she suggested we all share our most favorite items we carry in our purses on a daily basis. Per usual, we were meeting over cheese dip when Ellison suggested the idea. We actually stopped eating to mark down this idea (#stopthepress). We can’t wait to share the inside of our purses with you!What's in my bag? part 1
  • the purseThis bag is great! I carry it every.single.day.
  • the walletI am obsessed with C. Wonder and this wallet. Sorry Tory,(#chrisburchforthewin?) it’s way cheaper.
  • the hair tiesThese hair ties are the best. I love the how they leave my hair without a crease and add a spice to my arm party.
  • the frizz eliminatorThis is one of my favorite hair products. I use it when I wear my hair curly and straight. I keep it in my purse to keep my hair from overtaking my face (curly hair problems).
  • the journals: I love these small journals. I use the black stripe journal for Ph.D thoughts and the flower journal for blog ideas.
  • the lip balmThis is the most recent addition to my purse. I was pumped when I received this my Birchbox this month. The color is great and perfect for work.
Happy Thursday!
Aubrey Lee

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