Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! How is it already June?! We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We are hitting the pool and celebrating Emily’s engagement!

Friday Favorites 6/6
1.  I just got the medium Trish McEvoy planner after lugging the large one around for years. I love this size for my day to day makeup and traveling. In fact it is in VA with me right now! – Kathryn Ruth


2. One of my staple pieces of jewelry is this right hand ring given to me by my hubs on our wedding day. I had always mentioned to him that I wanted my wedding gift to be a piece of jewelry I could wear everyday. Additionally, I really wanted a gift that would not clash with my wedding day ensemble. The thought of getting earrings or a necklace on my wedding day stressed me out. What if I didn’t look good with all of my ruffles? It’s almost been three years and I wear this ring everyday. Thanks hubs (and my bffl, Laura) for picking out one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. – Aubrey Lee


3. The original Chloe is my all time favorite perfume. This rollerball makes it easy to take with me on the go and packs nicely into a travel bag. The scent is light and clean and can be worn all the time! – Emily Lani


4. As I mentioned last week, I’m currently doing the #fedupchallenge. The toughest part for me has been  getting my caffeine fix. I am typically a Coke drinker (I know, it’s bad for me), and coffee with no sugar is not my favorite…at all. I had been reading that cold brewed coffee is has a much milder, less bitter flavor so I had almost decided to pull the trigger on a cold brew kit. But, on my last Trader Joe’s run I came across their pre-made cold brew. It is so.good. I usually just do ¼ cup of the concentrate with ½ cup of skim milk – no sugar of course, and it’s delicious. I even think I’m going to be able to keep up with not adding sugar to my morning beverage! – LC


5. I have mentioned it before—I am a chronic water drinker.  I have a water bottle with me at all times.  I have this Tervis water bottle with my school’s logo on it and it is perfect.  I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond, but you can also find it on their website. – Frances Ellison


6. While packing for London and Paris a few weeks ago, I was struggling with what to do about shoes and the potential forecast calling for rain. My SIL introduced me to the Hunter Original Packable Tour rain boots, and they were a HUGE life savor. These boots can easily collapse and fit into your purse which is perfect for when the forecast is looking iffy outside… and best of all – they are on sale right now! – Mallory Anne

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