Saturday Site Love

Tonight we are excited to celebrate our very own Emily Lani and her upcoming nuptials at her engagement party. I love all things wedding and what they represent. I can’t wait to celebrate my three year anniversary in a few short weeks.

All of us are counting down to Emily's wedding weekend in Rosemary Beach.

All of us are counting down to Emily’s wedding weekend in Rosemary Beach.

our favorite links from the week….

Speaking of weddings, Mal found this article on kitchen registry must haves and Emily found this recap of a beautiful Georgia wedding.

In regards to love, the ladies of the Supper Club love our dogs. LC these photos of wet dogs and they are presh. LC was the inspiration for me to adopt my sweet GW from Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption.

In reference to favorite things, this week I have been loving this lemon mint water as I lounge by the pool. I have literally upped my water intake 300%.

Summer is here and Kate Spade is tempting us with their newest style guide. Good luck resisting.

Since I’m getting some extra time to sleep in, I’ve been considering some new pj sets. During the school year, I get 6 hours of sleep a night max and a big t-shirt is the best that I can do. What are your thoughts on Kelly’s (I call her by her first name to pretend we are besties) matching set?

Lastly, don’t forget Father’s Day is coming up. Southern Living has put together a collection of must have gifts. If you missed our post on Father’s Day gifts, I recommend taking a glance over it before you head out to shop.

Happy Site Searching!

Aubrey Lee


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