My Gluten Free Pantry

As I have mentioned before, I have Celiac disease. I have been living gluten free for almost three years now. While it was definitely an adjustment and comes with day to day challenges (no more Twizzlers), I feel 10000x better. I literally have the best doctors in all of Atlanta and will gladly send recommendations your way.


this little guy is sporting my mantra

Even though I have a bestie with Celiac disease, I truly realized my body did not like gluten after listening to Jenn Hobby from the Bert Show discuss being diagnosed as gluten intolerant. This one radio show sent me looking for a gastroenterologist.  Needless to say, the diagnosis has changed my pantry.

Check out Jimmy Kimmel’s What is Gluten video… HILARIOUS!

The most asked question I get from people is “what do you eat?”. While it may seem like gluten is in E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G (BBQ Baked Lays… come on Frito Lay), it doesn’t take long to discover new food choices and options.

So, what will you find in my buggy at the grocery store (no wheat, oats, rye, barley or malt for me!)?

1. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (It is definitely healthier to be naturally gluten free!)

2. Quinoa (my lifesaver and pasta substitute).

3. Cheese (Watch out for blue cheese and gorgonzola, they are grown on bread!)

4. Gluten Free Soy Sauce (Did you know regular soy sauce is 40% wheat? I BYOS to all my sushi spots.)

5. Eggs (Quick, easy and naturally gluten free!)

6. Corn Tortillas (Personally, it took some time for me to adjust to corn tortillas. There is a brand out there for you!).

7. Applesauce (Great on the go gluten free snack! Please ask my coworkers how much applesauce I eat in a week.)

8. Nuts (All nuts are naturally gluten free.)

9. Ground Turkey, Chicken Breast and Seafood (If meat is fresh, and not turned into a shape… it is gluten free!)

10. Annie’s Gluten Free Snickerdoodle Bunny Cookies (These are seriously the best. Plus, they are much better for you than other gluten free cookies.)

11. Udi’s gluten free bread (I always keep this in my FREEZER just in case I need a sandwich/bread crumbs.)

12. Gluten Free Oats (Trader Joe’s has the best price by far!)

13. Cashew/Almond/Coconut Flour (Perfect for substitutions and batters.)

14. KIND bars (many flavors are gluten free!)

Are you gluten free? Which gluten free are you?

gluten free

What were my Celiac symptoms? mouth sores, mouth ulcers, tooth enamel erosion, bloating, constipation, stomach pain, anemia, low B12, chronic fatigue, and brain fog.

Do you eat gluten free? What are your favorite pantry items?


Here’s to be more mindful of what’s in our food!

Aubrey Lee




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