What’s in my bag? Part Three

We are back with the third post in our series of “What’s in my Bag?”. To be honest it is very scary the amount of unnecessary items that end up in my handbag. It is like a big black hole, but there are a few go-to items I always have handy.

What’s in my bag.2the bag: This handbag was a gift from my Dad on our Paris trip. I am still in love with it, and I carry it almost everyday.

the wallet: I am not into mandatory matching, but if a LV wallet is offered to go with your new bag you take it. This one has tons of card slots for the silly amount of store loyalty cards I have, and it has a coin pouch where I put my earrings when they start to hurt during the day.

the keychain: When your bag is a big black hole you need a big keychain to find your keys. This one is not only functional but cute.

the tiny tissues: My Mom got me hooked on having cute tissues in your bag. You never know when you or a friend might need. Who wants to offer a plain white tissue when you can have one with birds, flowers, or pretty much anything you can think of?

the static eliminator: I have profound static cling problems when I get out of my car these days. I have no idea why, but it is not a good look and this has become a mandatory item in my bag. It can also work on your hair if it gets out of control.

the coin purse: Jon Hart is one of my favorites for anything travel/zipper pouch you can think of. I do not like having loose change in my bag or bobby pins, so they all live in here.

the hand cream: If you are looking for a hand cream that does not make your hands greasy this is the one for you. I love it and use it at least once a day.

Now that I have given a peek into the crazy world that is my handbag, feel free to let us know–What’s in your bag?

-Kathryn Ruth


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