What’s in My Bag? Part Four

What's in My Bag

The Bag
Marc By Marc Jacobs Q Baby Groovee Holds all kinds of stuff and is a neutral color so goes with numerous outfits!

The Wallet
Kate Spade Cherry Lane Lacey
I love the quality of Kate Spade. Plus she often has an incredible 70%Β off sales! Gold is another great neutral. I love neutrals because they are always classic.

The Hand Sanitizer
I love the smell of this organic hand sanitizer from Whole Foods. It doesn’t leave your hands feeling sticky like some hand sanitizers do.

The Pop-Up Travel Brush
This brush/mirror is a life saver and folds so it takes up barely any room in your bag.

The Mints
Altoids are my favorite mints. These mini ones are super cute and still really strong!

The Notebook
I’m always making to-do list. This Moleskin Notebooks keeps all my thoughts in the same place!

-Emily Lani


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