Kendra Scott Shopping Party

You may have seen on our InstagramΒ last week and on last week’s Friday Favorites, that Kendra Scott Jewelry has been on our mind. I was introduced to Kendra Scott’s jewelry by my wonderful SIL when she surprised me with these earrings for my birthday. I was instantly hooked and in love! If you haven’t visited a local store or shopped online, I highly recommend checking her collection out. Kendra Scott is an Austin, TX based jeweler who is quickly building her empire around the US.


Kendra Scott at Shops around Lenox

A few weeks ago, Kathryn and I attended a soft opening at the new store in Atlanta. We woke up early on a Saturday and hopped over to wait outside the store along with many other Kendra Scott fans. The new store is absolutely gorgeous, and we knew we would be back very soon!

Kendra Scott at Shops around Lenox

Kendra Scott at Shops around Lenox

Last Monday, the wonderful staff at Kendra Scott’s Shops around Lenox threw us a private shopping party. I was extremely impressed with how friendly and knowledgable their staff was. Each member of their team was happy to show us their favorite pieces and explain how the Color Bar works. They also provided cheese and champagne for us – a shopping must!


So how do you secure a private shopping party of your own? It’s actually pretty simple – stop by your local Kendra Scott store and drop your business card into their bowl. Every few weeks they draw a card and host a party for you and 8 friends.

Emily checking out the Color Bar

Emily checking out the Color Bar

Color Bar

Color Bar

One thing I did not know about Kendra Scott until the shopping party was how active each stores involvement is in the community. Since their opening in May, the store in Atlanta has already starting working with several charities in the area including the Atlanta Humane Society. They even had their jewelry featured in the recent Doggies on the Catwalk fundraiser. I am a huge supporter of companies who give back to the community. Kendra Scott’s jewelry became even better in my eyes when I found that out.


What are your favorite Kendra Scott pieces? I love the Rayne necklace and the Daisy ringΒ (more colors are available in store).


Happy Shopping
– Mallory Anne


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