Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites
Charles Viancin Sunflower Lid – I found this cute lid at a small boutique in Clayton, GA.  It fits over most of my bowls and pots/pans so it’s great for transporting to our supper clubs and other potlucks.  It comes in lots of sizes and shapes, but the sunflower was my favorite. I also had to pick up this little wine stopper.  Isn’t it the cutest! – LC


Mason Pearson brush – There are some things in life that are worth the money. A Mason Pearson brush is one of those things. I have the Handy Bristle, and it is great for my very fine hair. I have always wanted a thick strong head of hair and while the brush can not create miracles, it does keep what hair I do have on my head and looking its best. – Kathryn Ruth


Lilly Pulitzer Callahan Short – Lilly Pulitzer at Phipps Plaza had a HUGE sale last weekend! One of the items I bought are these Callahan shorts in the Sea Soiree print. They are the perfect length- not too short and not too long. I can’t wait to wear them the rest of the summer! – Mallory Anne


Torrey All-Weather Wicker Roll Arm Chair – I love the Potterybarn outdoor Torrey collection. They are made of all weather wicker so they are super resilient. The cushions wick away moisture so they don’t get moldy. It’s a little pricey but worth the investment! – Emily Lani 


Marc Anthony’s Strickly Curly Hair STRETCH – I recently found a new product to add to my curly hair day routine. In the summer, I tend to stick to my naturally curly hair instead of breaking out my FHI. I am loving Marc Anthony’s Strickly Curly Hair STRETCH. When I found out I had Celiac disease I had to switch up my hair routine since many products contain hydrolyzed wheat protein. (i.e. Aveda Be Curly). I now use a quarter size amount of STRETCH, dime size amount of Aveda Brilliant styling cream, and a few drops of Aveda Light Elements smoothing fluid mixed together to create the perfect curly hair product. I finish it off with Marc Anthony Curl Booster. Here’s to non-crunchy curly hair! – Aubrey Lee


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