In a Flash – Summer Drinks

We love summer and the beverages that come with.

Our Favorite Summer Drinks:



Mallory Anne & LC – John Daly

Nothing is better in a southern summer than drinking a John Daly on a porch or patio! This is my go-to drink every summer. It’s so easy to make at home! – Mallory Anne

This drink is really refreshing on a hot summer afternoon. You just mix Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka with your favorite lemonade – LC

{via Food Network}

Aubrey Lee: Diet Arnold Palmer (unsweet tea + Splenda lemonade) Chick Fil A has a great one! I didn't even think about making this drink low cal until one of my girlfriends at work suggested it. It is delicious and I like it better than the full calorie version.

(a lighter John Daly minus the vodka).


Kathryn Ruth: The Meredith
Recently featured on the blog!


Emily Lani: La Urbana Muddled Watermelon Drink
La Urbana is a new Mexican restaurant in Atlanta’s West Midtown. They have delicious tacos and mix strong margaritas! This drink was one of their specials last week and it was delicious!

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