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Happy Saturday! I drove down to South Georgia last night, so that I could spend the weekend with one of my high school best friends, Brittany, and her 1 year old.  Brittany and her family flew in from Utah for a “bestie baby reunion”. One of my other best friends, Laura and her baby fly in this week! To make these even better, one of our other besties, Jessica, just had a baby and moved back to our hometown. To top that off, one of my college besties just moved to my hometown and also has a precious little baby girl. How lucky am I? These next two weekends are going to be fabulous!


Saturday mornings are even better with cantaloupe and Garden & Gun!

Recipe from the week:

Healthy Zaxby's at Home

Healthy Zaxby’s at Home

My hometown is the birthplace of Zaxby’s. Obviously, many of my beloved Zaxby’s favorites do not go well with my Celiac lifestyle. I found this recipe and made this dinner on Thursday night for my hubs. I toasted four pieces of Udi’s gluten free bread and chopped for breadcrumbs. I also subbed in cashew flour. The fries are Alexia 98% fat free fries sprinkled with seasoning salt.

Reads from the week:

We love Emily Ley and are so excited for her! Thank you for sharing your personal story with your readers. We can’t wait to see your precious twins. #Leypartyof5

We are going to add these beauty rules to our regimen. If it’s a routine of French women, it’s a routine we want to start.

We are so thankful Kelly shared her secrets to finding the best deals on Lilly Pulitzer. This will definitely help with the cost of a Lilly obsession.

We are obsessed with Hosting and Toasting’s summer engagement party. BAC, can we please be your younger sister?

Happy Saturday!
Aubrey Lee


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