Teacher Back to School Must Haves

I can’t believe my 6th year of teaching is already underway. Where has the time gone? The school years literally fly by. I still remember the very first day of my teaching career so clearly. Every year has been very different, but incredible. I am so thankful for the wonderful high school students I get the opportunity to teach.

Teachers love getting back to school supplies just as much as their students. My desk is full of fun folders, pencils and pieces for new activities. Obviously, supplies can’t replace a great attitude, a welcoming smile and a passion for teaching, but they do help aid you! Here’s to a good school year.

Aubrey's Back to School Must Haves

The Planner- I love this planner for to use for school use. I picked up the jumbo and am super impressed with the space available on the inside. I’m a floating teacher, so this planner allows me to keep everything I need together in one space.

The Pens- I am a strong opponent of the red pen. I hate the negative connotation that has been associated with the red pen over the years.  I use colorful pens throughout the today for encouragement and correction for my students. My students come to expect hot pink and purple writing on the corners of their paper.

The Watch– I generally do not keep a clock in my classroom. Guess what? My students never pack up early. I need a watch to keep me on time and my fun activities completed. This watch is a fun addition to my arm party.

The Shoes- I literally wear tumbled Revas everyday. I personally think these are more comfortable than their traditional counterparts. The black and brown pairs have gotten me through the last two school years.

The Fuel– Over the past five school years I have been teaching and going to school simultaneously (almost doneeeeee). Many mornings I leave my house at 6:30 am and return at 10:00 pm. I’m thankful for Diet Coke and my classroom Keurig on a daily basis. Don’t forget to register to win the Keurig and K-Cups we are giving away.

The Bag– I have three large Longchamps and love each of them. These are the perfect teacher bag. I love that they can hold a clip board, notebooks and my laptop. Additionally, they double as an airplane carry on, beach bag, and large purse.

Wishing you the very best!

Aubrey Lee


3 thoughts on “Teacher Back to School Must Haves

  1. analiadavis says:

    I completely agree with this list! Love the planner; this is my first year using the Lily Pulitzer planner so I’m hoping I find lots of uses for it this year. Do you find you get a lot of uses for it? I’m afraid every school day will be similar so I will fall into a habit of not using the planner. I only have one Longchamp but am considering getting another one because they are so practical and hold so much.

    • Supper Club of the South says:

      Ana, I love this planner. I debated over this planner and a teacher planner and obviously went with Lilly. I love it to keep up with student birthdays, lesson plans, meetings, etc.. Thanks for reading! Happy school year!

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