Back to School Shopping on a Budget: Teacher Edition

The students are not the only ones who like having new clothes for the school year. As a teacher, I love back to school shopping (check out my back to school must haves). I have compiled my recent, budget friendly shopping haul. I try to buy a majority of my purchases in solid or neutral colors so that they get more use. I use accessories to change up and add pops of color to my neutral pallets.Β Additionally, I tend to wear dresses more often than any other article of clothing. Dresses don’t require much thought, which is optimal at 5:30 am.

Back to School Shopping: Teacher Edition

Blazer//Pineapple Cardigan//Sailboat Cardigan//Oxford//Black Blouse//Black and White Striped Dress//Navy Dress//Oxford Dress//Scoop Neck Black and White Dress//Green Stripe Dress//Black Dress//Green Skirt//Gray Skirt//Navy Dot Skirt//Black Maxi Skirt//Navy Lace Skirt//Gold Dot Scarf//Dangling Stone and Petal Necklace//Lime Sherbet Necklace//Black Button Earrings//Emerald & Navy Necklace

Have you found any budget friendly fashion finds?

Happy Shopping!
Aubrey Lee

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