Saturday Site Love

Hello all! Sorry for the delay in posting. I should probably call this Sunday Site Love. I just got back in from Athens. The hubs and I spent the morning celebrating our nephew’s 6th birthday and the afternoon and evening hanging out with my CrossTrainer from college. We’ve been hanging out for the last 8 years and I have loved every minute of it.

Last night, I celebrated one of my dear friend’s birthdays at the The Painted Pin. If you live anywhere close to Atlanta, you should check it out. The have awesome food, a live band, tons of games and bowling. It was one of my favorite Fridays ever.

Recipes from the week:


Shell yeah! I’m ready for a great school year.

As I told you last Saturday, my life has been insane due to the start of school. This week I had a Mexican fiesta night with some of my friends from out of town. I picked Mexican because it’s quick and easy. I made chicken in the crock pot for shredded tacos and it was super easy.


This little cutie was a huge help in the kitchen!

I also made my famous (and super easy) turkey sausage dip. This recipe is derived from one of my great aunt’s famous dip recipes. Her’s is delicious, but takes much longer to make.

1 pack- Jimmy Dean turkey sausage crumbles

1 block 1/3 less fat ( or FF) cream cheese

1 can Rotel

Put all ingredients in a microwavable bowl and microwave for 3- 5 minutes. Serve.

Links from the week:

As all of us at Supper Club of the South near the 30 mark, we are paying close attention to this article.

Additionally, many of us have moved into new homes over the last two years. We are making sure we don’t make any of these decorating mistakes.

Emily is nailing down the last few details from her wedding. She loved this article about the best wedding scents. She also found a great registry guide

My mouth is currently watering after looking at this salad list from Southern Living. I know what I’m eating for dinner tomorrow night.

While in Athens, I made a pit stop at the Gap Outlet for their Friends and Family discount. Gap and the Gap Outlet are taking 40% off all items, even ones already on sale.  Let’s just say my cardigan section of my closet is happily restocked.

Happy Saturday!

Aubrey Lee


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