Our Table: Trader Joe’s Favorites

Do you ever have nights when the last thing you want to do is come home and “slave over a hot stove” (as my mother would say)?  Well I do.  A lot.  On those nights I love to pull out some of favorite Trader Joe’s faves for a quick, semi-healthy-ish dinner.  I’m also throwing in a few snacks, because well, a girl’s gotta snack.  Here’s a quick recap of what I stock up on on my trips to TJ’s.

Macaroni & Cheese – No explanation needed.  It’s the best frozen mac out there, and believe me – I’m an expert.


Frozen Turkey Meatballs – These are so easy to heat up and make for a very gourmet (feeling) spaghetti dinner.  My husband raves about the meatballs I make often.  I guess the cats out of the bag now..oops!


Ready to Cook Meats – Check out the refrigerated section for a great selection of pre-seasoned chicken, beef, pork, or fish.

Frozen Tandoori Naan – This naan is really delicious and is seriously ready to eat in one minute.  I discovered this when doing my sugar free challenge back in June.  Yes, that’s right – no sugar.  We have this a lot as a side with salmon or chicken and a vegetable.  It’s also great for a snack with hummus or for making flatbreads or pizzas.


Cold Brew Concentrate – I am addicted.  Big time.

50759-cold-brew-coffeeWine – No trip to Trader Joe’s is complete without a little two buck chuck, but if you’re a high roller like me there are lots of great options in the $5-10 category.  Check out this article for some of the best ones to be on the look out for.


Honorable Mentions: 

  • The lemon curd is delicious.  Great on English muffins, scones, between layers of cake, etc.  The guy who checked me out (at the cash register ;)) said that it’s great mixed with marscapone cheese.
  • The produce there is super cheap.  Quality can be hit or miss, but I like to stock up on apples and peaches when I go.
  • Check out the pre-made salads in the refrigerated section.  Any that I’ve tried have been good to really good.
  • The sparkling lemonades are great for parties.  Good on their own, and they would be perfect in a punch.  Plus the bottles are so pretty.
  • Finally, you should never leave TJ’s without some of their super reasonably priced flowers.  They’re a very affordable way to spruce up your home!

Happy Shopping!

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