Tailgating Dip Lineup

It’s almost Fall y’all! Being from Texas that means one thing, football season is here! Last weekend was the first Falcons preseason game and Ryan’s football buddy was out of town so I got to fill in. It was a great time and got me in the mood to start thinking about what dips I want to serve this Fall, both at tailgates and at home during games.

Here is my starting lineup as far as dip recipes go:

First the Texas trio.

1. Salsa– Normally I use salsa from a jar because it is easier, but a friend of mine uses this recipe and it is delicious.

2. Queso– Being out of Texas for almost 10 years now I eat white queso and “normal” yellow queso. This is once of my favorite white recipes that play well with the Georgia crowd.

3. Guacamole– I make this all the time leaving out the chilies because I am a spice wimp. It is simple and classic.

Now on to southwestern dips.




4. Mexican Layer– There can’t be a football season without this dip. It is a long standing favorite especially the Pioneer Woman’s recipe.photo-4-ellison

5. Buffalo chicken– Ellison has made this for supper club and shared the details on the blog a while back. It is a fan favorite.

And some classics.

5. Spinach and artichoke– Gina makes an amazing skinny hot spinach and artichoke dip that you must try. It has all the taste but not the guilt that comes from my favorite restaurant version at Houston’s. Ryan even approved this skinny version and that is saying a lot!

6. Blue cheese ranch– Blue cheese is my second favorite dressing and ranch is my favorite, so finding a dip that combined them both was a win. It is very creamy and cheesy.

7. Hummus– A great healthy option and normally a favorite of the ladies at any party.

Last some dessert options.

8. Peanut butter and caramel apple– The was one of the sides that was brought to my cookout earlier this summer and it was great.

9. Fruit dip– It is counter balanced by the fruit right?

10. Chocolate Almond Cheesecake– Chocolate is always the best way to go when dessert in concerned. I found this recipe on Pinterest and it did not disappoint.


Are y’all as excited about Fall and football as me?

-Kathryn Ruth


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