In a flash: Transitional Fall Fashion

In a flash: Transitional Fall Fashion


Emily Lani- J. Crew Patchwork Stripe Scarf
My favorite transition piece is a patterned scarf that is light weight. I love this one from J Crew because it can turn a simple t-shirt into a cute outfit!


These Madewell booties look just as cute with the right dress as they do with a pair of jeans and a sweater. They’re a great year round staple.


I absolutely love these earrings! They were perfect this summer for Braves Games and all the bright colors I wore. I can’t wait to rock them this fall as well. Who doesn’t love the brown and blue color combo?


I love the classic cardigan. Many of my friends would tell you I have a cardigan obsession because I wear one almost everyday. Jackie is my favorite and let’s just say I would know. Having endless color options is also a great perk to this classic.


I just ordered two of these tops from C. Wonder in black and ivory. I tried on some other colors in store and they run a little large. These are my go to pieces during season transitions.

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