Gluten Free on the go

I am so excited to head to Rosemary Beach this weekend with the ladies of Supper Club of the South. I know Emily’s wedding is going to be absolutely perfect and gorgeous. When traveling, I always need to have my gluten free snacks ready to go #Celiacproblems. It can be super tough to find food while on the road since many fast food restaurants do not serve gluten free menu items. While having an excuse to eat french fries is nice, it’s not the healthiest option (and not all fast food fries are gluten free). I do love to see a Chick Fil A in the horizon since there grilled nuggets are gluten free.


shoes/ polish/ market basket/ rug

On road trips, I try to bring non perishable foods. I love the shopping trip before a vacation because normally my grocery cart is full of naturally gluten free foods. Vacations are time to cheat, right?

Favorite Travel Snacks: 


Obviously, a monogrammed Camelback from Crystal Faye is a necessity.

  1. Crunchy Rice Rollers 
  2. Bunny Cookies 
  3. “Granola” bars ( Kind, Udi’s)
  4. Prepackaged lunches 
  5. Pre-made muffins (new! no thawing needed)
  6. Almonds (vanilla, honey dijon, salted caramel)
  7. Apples
  8. Popcorn (obviously so you can start watching movies as soon as you arrive)
  9. Cereal



Mom, what do you mean I’m not going to the beach?

 The girls and I are headed out tomorrow. We are leaving our husbands/fiances/ boyfriends at home to soak up the sun and girl time. We can’t wait to celebrate Emily. Any tips for our trip to Rosemary Beach?

Aubrey Lee



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