Honeymooning in Greece & Turkey


{Part 1 – Santorini}

Santorini is absolutely beautiful and romantic. The island is full of honeymooners, lots of Americans but also honeymooners from around the world. At every restaurant, beach and excursion 75% of the people there are on their honeymoon. That being said – if you are not honeymooning – Mykonos or one of the other Greek isles might be a better island to visit, especially if you are recently single or looking to go out late at night.


5 must-do things in Santorini:

1. Take a Catamaran Ride through the Caldera.

This was one of the best things we did on our trip. Make sure you book one with a low passenger limit. Some of the catamarans will pack on people, it’s more expensive for a lower passenger limit but it’s totally worth it! We booked on Santorini Sailing and had an amazing time. Their chef is wonderful – she cooks everything in a small kitchen on the ship. Also, there is bottomless white wine and beer! The catamaran goes around Santorini and sails through the Caldera with stops for swimming, snorkeling and the hot springs. Beware the hot springs are sulphur from the volcano so will turn your bathing suit orange!

2. Caldera Sunset Massage

This is totally worth the splurge partially because of the location of Caldera Massage. Every night hundreds of people line up for the best view of sunset in Oia. Caledera Massage has a private terrace that is front-row with champagne, dried fruits and chocolates to watch the sunset. Afterwards you go into their cave massage room for a couples massage. Amazing!

3. 1800

1800 is one of the best restaurants in Oia. Make a reservation (as soon as possible) for the roof top terrace and tell them you want a table right on the edge to view the sunset – the views are breathtaking. This was one of the best meals we’ve ever had. EVER.

4. Visit Santos Winery

The reason to visit Santos Winery is not the wine, but the spectaculars Caldera views and atmosphere. Santorini wine is grown in the volcanic soil so it has a unique taste. For 18 euro you can get 12 wine tastings with cheese and crackers.

5. Rent an ATV or moped. Santorini is a small island, but the different cities are spread out so it’s nice to have your own transportation. You can rent a car but ATV or mopeds are more fun!


Emily Lani


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