Supper Club Shops//Best Buys for Fall

Lately I have been on a quest to simplify my closet.  For one I have zero closet space, but also I’ve really been interested on having fewer, better things.  As I’m getting older I’m realizing that it’s important to have things that are timeless that I can wear year after year rather than spending money on the latest trends.

Fall especially gets me in the mood to shop for classic, quality items.  Click through the slide show to see some of my favorite cooler weather items that are worth the splurge:

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Aubrey and I both love our Melissa Button Frye Boots in Cognac.  They look great with both black and brown, and they will last forever.  I also love these Rag and Bone Newbury booties in Newbuck.  They’ve been on my wishlist for several seasons, and I hope to finally pull the trigger soon.

In my opinion jeans are worth splurging on when you can.  The right ones can really make an outfit (and your butt) look good.  Finding the best fitting jeans is always hard, but I really am loving my Paige Skyline jeans.

J. Crew is one my favorite places for closet basics.  I wear my Chambray shirt way more often than I should.  I even recently bought a back-up during one of their big sales.  I also think every girl needs a cashmere sweater in her closet.  This cashmere tee comes in tons of colors and is currently on sale – use the code FALLSTYLES.

I got this Cuyana bag two Christmases ago, and I still use it weekly.  The leather has only gotten better over time, and I just think it looks really timeless.  It’s also monogrammable for all of the monogram lovers out there.  Cuyana’s motto is actually Fewer, Better which fits in with what I’m trying to do here.  Unfortunately I want everything on their site which isn’t helping my cause.

I love my M.M. Lafleur dress so much.  I would wear it every day to work if I could.  It fits perfectly without being too clingy and is machine washable!  So far this is the only dress by this line that I have, but I hope to gradually add more to my collection.

Finally, the holy grail of fall splurging  – Burberry Trench.  This will probably always be on my wishlist unless I win the lottery, but it’s nice to dream.  This ASOS one (and definitely this one) are attainable and give you the same polished look.






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