Honeymoon Part 2 in Istanbul

Honeymooning {Part 2}


After Santorini, we took a plane to Istanbul, Turkey. Right now is probably not the best time to be traveling to Turkey, but we had planned this trip over a year ago and Istanbul, sitting on both Europe and Asia is full of tourists from around the world and feels very safe. I have several friends that have traveled throughout Turkey and had an amazing time. In 2010, Istanbul was named the European Capital of Culture and since then has become and even more popular destination spot for travelers. These are my top five picks of things to do in Istanbul.


1. Go to the Grand Bizarre
This is the largest covered market in the world. Prepare to be overwhelmed with carpets and textiles! The vendors will negotiate with you. If your in the market for a carpet, make sure to do research so you don’t get ripped off and give yourself plenty of time to wander – some people spend days exploring different parts of the bizarre!


2. Eat Brunch at the Four Seasons Bosphorus. The Bosphorus Straight divides the Asian and European sides of Istanbul. The Four Seasons is on the European side. The buffet and ambiance are incredible. It’s very expensive, but in my opinion, totally worth it. Pictured is the band that plays on the patio during brunch!

3. Visit Hagia Sofia. Built in 500 AD, Hagia Sophia was originally a church but has been a mosque for the last 900 years. The architecture is breath taking. Go early, because the lines are very long to get in.


4. Visit the Basilica Cistern. Another must see structure across from Hagia Sophia is the underwater sewer system for the palace. Although it does not sound like it – this was one of the most beautiful places we visited.


5. Eat Turkish Delight
This stuff is SO good. Turkey is known for their desserts, including delicious Baklava. I could eat Turkish Delight all day long.

6. Make dinner reservations asap.I made the mistake of waiting till we arrived! I had researched several highly rated restaurants and we could not get a table at any of them. My travel book recommended making reservations – they were not kidding.

-Emily Lani


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