In a Flash – Leggings

In a Flash - Leggings

In a Flash – Leggings by supperclubofthesouth

1. Mallory Anne – J.Crew Signature Leggings
I own several pairs of J.Crew’s Signature Leggings and they are my favorite! They are perfect to throw on with your Tory revas or with boots.

2. Kathryn Ruth and LC – Hue, Pointe Knit
I bought these this fall and so far so good! They are washing well and they don’t stretch out during the day – Kathryn

They’re super comfortable, and with the pockets in the back I feel like I can almost get away with calling them pants! – LC

3. Emily Lani – Express, Ankle Zip Leggings
I’ve owned this pair for years and they’ve held up very well!

4. Aubrey Lee – Lou and Grey, Essential Leggings
These leggings are so comfortable! The look fabulous on and don’t show dimples/creases. These are a must for Fall and Winter.


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