Friday Favs

Friday Favs

Friday Favs by supperclubofthesouth

Mallory Anne – Champion Leggings

I love my new running leggins from Target! Not only are the light weight and easy to run in, they glow in the dark which is perfect for those early morning runs before work. I need to go back and grab a few more pairs.

Aubrey Lee – Gluten Free Cookbook

I am obsessed with this cookbook! I just found it at Anthro on Sunday, but it is about 1/2 the price on Amazon. I love how the cookbook is made up of naturally gluten free desserts and requires no crazy ingredients. Add this to your Christmas list for your gluten free besties!

Kathryn Ruth – Target Layering Tank

This tank is perfect for under long sweaters that you are wearing with leggings. I have it in three colors and I love it.

LC – Max Wanger, Tulum Print

Lately I have been really into large scale photography. I think it’s a really cool, modern way to fill up wall space without the clutter of a gallery wall – although I like those too. Most of the pieces I’m drawn too are not in my budget, but I recently came across the photographer, Max Wanger ( . I got the Tulum print for my dining room, and I can’t wait to get it framed!

Emily Lani – Anthro, Alphabet Mug

I love fun mugs to drink coffee or tea in the morning before work. This anthro mug is one of my favorites. These are also great gifts for friends! In winter they make these mugs more festive with gold instead of black letters.


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