Sunday Site Love

Happy Sunday! This weekend has been a blur. Friday night was Senior night for my cheerleaders, Saturday I went to one of my baby besties 1st birthday and hosted my neighborhood Fall festival and today I had another baby bestie 1st birthday party. Now, I’m sitting around the fire with my hubs and our friends. We have a chicken on the BGE and s’mores ready to be made.

This week, I was able to go to Athens to present some research (so fun!). A trip to Athens means Jittery Joes (vanilla chai with skim milk, please!) and Last Resort (bunless burger with goat cheese and peaches?!? please and thank you!) . I can’t wait to go back this week for another conference.

photo 2-2

photo 3

Conference attire: boots// blazer// dress// necklace (in lapis)// sunnies

Glogster is one of my favorite websites for presentations and teaching.

Glogster is one of my favorite websites for presentations and teaching.

photo 4

Zaxby’s dates with my favorite girl are always a must in Athens. UGA students, sign up for CrossTrainers!

photo 2-3

Waffle bar with gluten free waffles?!?! Sign me up!

photo 5

Candy corn and quiche for brunch is the best!

photo 3-2

Corn hole and gluten free cupcakes? Best birthday party…EVER!

Links of the week

This gold leaf Ikea hack is on me and Emily’s to do list!

My next s’more session will definitely include this recipe!

Oh my gosh! I need this scarf ASAP!

Peachtree Roadies, thank you for the Atlanta happenings for October!

Hubby if you are reading this, can you please buy me all of these clothes?


Happy Sunday!

Love, Aubrey Lee


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