Interior Inspiration

My husband and I bought our first home a little over a year ago.  We were so lucky to find one that was move in ready.  Open floor plan, nice floors, no offensive paint colors… We literally haven’t done anything besides move in.  But now that we’re settled in and are financially recuperating, we are ready to put a little of our personality into it and start making it feel like ours.    We’re starting with our formal living/dining room (which is currently empty), and I hope you’ll follow along in the process.  To start, I’ve just been gathering some of my favorite images from other blogs, Pinterest, and decor magazines.  Here are some of the interiors that are inspiring our first room refresh:



As you can see, I think we’re leaning towards a darker, more sophisticated look with pops of color and texture.  It’s definitely out of our comfort zone, but I think we’ll be really happy with it.  I’ll check back in as we make progress.  What do you think about a darker look?

Sources: 1//2//3



2 thoughts on “Interior Inspiration

  1. mallorie says:

    Love it! I know it’ll be just as beautiful as the rest of your home is. Hopefully you will have made some progress by Christmas so I can see 🙂 Love y’all!

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