Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites
Aubrey Lee – I am obsessed with these Garden Lites muffins. I also love the banana chocolate chip. They are an out the  door breakfast that is quick (35 seconds in the microwave), healthy (3 WW points), gluten free & super easy to eat on the way to work! I found mine at the gluten free & organic frozen section at Target and Kroger.


Kathryn Ruth – This is my second weekend in a row to travel on the weekends, and I am so glad I have these headphones. I am not cool enough for big trendy ones so these functional yet still stylish headphones are perfect. Am I the only one who loves that Delta will let you have your iPad out the whole flight now?!


Emily Lani – I love margaritas- especially low cal ones. Skinny Girl Margarita is premixed, no additional ingredients required! It’s easy, tasty and low calorie!


LC – I just finished Lena Dunham’s new book Not That Kind of Girl.  There are certainly some risque parts, but I really enjoyed her style of writing.  I lol’d to myself quite a bit.  It’s a great airplane read for your holiday travels!


Mallory Anne – Fall & winter are ROUGH on my skin. I discovered this Aveda product at the end of last winter and it made a HUGE difference in a short amount of time.

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