Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


LC – I’ve mentioned before what I big reader I am.  I love collecting books to read and sometimes just for décor, to be honest.  I ended up buying How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are mainly because I thought the cover was cute, but it turned it to be a great book.  It’s really funny and also has some great tips to live the Parisian lifestyle.  Paris is always a good idea!


Kathryn Ruth – Although I am glad the red cups are back for the holidays, I am glad to have my Starbucks sugar-free vanilla syrup for morning coffee in the comfort of my own home.


Emily Lani – I keep this Rosebud lip balm in my bedside table and use it every night! It keeps my lips from getting chapped and smells good!


Mallory Anne – I struggle in the morning to wake up and actually cook breakfast. I discovered BlenderBottles at Bed Bath & Beyond a few years ago and they are life savers. It’s quick and easy to make a breakfast meal replacement shake or protein shake in the morning with these!


Aubrey Lee – I recently purchased the new 13in MacBook Air after I had an incident with my MacBook Pro. I am obsessed. The new MacBook Air’s are perfect for doing school work and everyday computer usage. The guy at Apple told me to get the Air when I was went in to get the Pro. 12 hours of battery life? 2 pounds? Sold!

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