In a Flash – Serving Dishes

In a Flash - Serving Dishes
We are in the Holiday Hostess Spirit! We can’t wait to serve up/pick up some of our favorite meals and plate them on these gorgeous platters.

1. Aubrey Lee, Wilton Armetale, Pearls Oval Tray
I love all things Wilton Armetale. It makes hosting a breeze since it can go from stove/oven to table top.

2. Mallory Anne, Anthro Pie Pana
Since I live in a tiny apartment, I do not store a lot of serving dishes. I recently saw this adorable pie pan at Anthropologie and I can’t wait to pick it up for the holidays!

3. LC , Vietri, Cookie Platter
I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I’m already thinking about Christmas. I love this cookie platter from Vietri. It was a wedding gift a few years ago, but it always gets me in the mood for celebrating!

4. Emily Lani, Apilco, Rectangular Baker
This platter can go straight from the oven to the table and is super easy to clean!

5. Kathryn Ruth, Beatriz, Pearl Long Baguette Platterr
I love this platter. It is beautiful and easy to clean.


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