Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites


LC – Serial is a new podcast that follows the murder of a highschooler and the conviction of her ex-boyfriend.  It’s now 15 years later and the host is trying to track down what actually happened.  It’s like the best Dateline except in so much more detail.  So far there have been 9 episodes so it won’t take you too long to catch up.  It’s perfect for all of your long holiday drives or plane rides.


Aubrey Lee – I love my C.Wonder tote! I use it as an iPad pouch, a clutch, purse organizer, and travel make up bag. You need this in your closet (in your hand). Plus, it’s 30% off right now.


Mallory Anne – Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce is one of my favorite holiday season drinks! If you haven’t picked up these K-cups yet, you need to! It’s like Christmas in a cup.


Emily Lani – Taking my dog for a walk in this cold weather definitely requires a hat or something to cover my ears. I really like this North Face fleece headband to keep warm!

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