Christmas Giving: Paperwhite Narcissus


I have memories from my childhood of driving around Wichita Falls, TX with my Daddy delivering family cChristmas presents for hours the week before Christmas. Our family tradition is giving the gift of Paperwhite Narcissus at Christmas. They are great for family, neighbors, friends, co-works, and pretty much anyone you need to give a gift. This is something I have continued since moving to Georgia and they have been quite the hit. Here are my few tips and tricks if you would like to start giving the gift of flowers this year.


Credit: Southern Living

As I was preparing to write the post, I realized that I did not have any Naperwhites in full bloom to photograph. Southern Living to the rescue! This is an example of what your final product can look like.

Photo Dec 15, 8 13 42 PMHere is my prep table in all of its glory. This is where this years batch is growing until it is delivery time. I normally let them grow for 1-2 weeks before I deliver, but you don’t have to. They can go the day you plant.

Planting is so easy:

1. You need to find containers you would like to use. I have done everything from coffee mugs to glass hurricanes to blue and white china. Just keep your budget in mind for what you would like to spend. Here are some fun ideas I saw this year: Hobby Lobby, Oriental Furniture, and Target.

2. It is time to get your bulbs and pea gravel. I get mine at Pike Nursery. Most nurseries in your area should carry both these items. Be sure to find the bin where you can buy the bulbs individually because the fancy packs where they bundle 6 together are normally more expensive.

3. Now that you have gotten home with everything you need to plant it is time to wash your pea gravel. This is the worst part especially when it is cold outside, so I asked Ryan to do it.

4. To plant, layer about 1/4 inch of pea gravel in the bottom of the container. Next put your bulbs in with the roots downward. Fill the container until the only the top of the bulb is showing.

5. Fill with water up to the top of the rocks and place in a fairly well lit room for them to grow.

Photo Dec 15, 8 14 05 PM

Because I love bows my favorite part of the process is picking out a ribbon and tag to tie to the containers. I do this right before I am ready to deliver so they are extra fluffy and pretty.

Pictured is this year’s larger size that I am using for close family friends and hostess gifts for holiday parties.

Photo Dec 15, 8 14 31 PMHere is the single bulb version that I am using for most of my gifts. I planted 35 of this this year.

Photo Dec 14, 5 56 55 PM (1)Last year I was feeling a little less glitzy so I went with a big burlap bow.

Depending on your container these can be so affordable to do in large quantities. Bulbs are normally around $0.99 each and pea gravel is cheap.

Does your family have a gift they they give for the holidays year after year?

-Kathryn Ruth






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