In a Flash – Coworker Gift Guide



1. LC
I think food gifts (barring any dietary restrictions) are a good safe gift for coworkers. Cheese straws are one of my favorites – I hear our friend Mallorie’s mom makes great ones. Another good friend of mine makes amazing mini pound cakes that are so delicious as well.

2. Aubrey Lee
I love to give homemade baked goods as gifts for my wonderful coworkers. This year I made peppermint truffles. I used my new Oh Joy stamp to make my clear cellophane bags more festive! You can pick up the stamp at The Beehive if you live in Atlanta. I added a little gold polka dotted washi tape to glam the gifts up a notch. If you don’t feel like baking pick up some XK Macarons!

3. Kathryn Ruth
These are great to buy and split up the set to separate people if you are on a budget. L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream for the win!

4. Mallory Anne
Starbucks giftcards and a cute coffee mug are one of my favorite gifts to give co-workers. Ashley Brooke Designs’ mugs are a few of my favorite to give out this holiday season!

5. Emily Lani
This alphabet letterpress stationary is a great gift for coworkers – everyone can always use stationary!


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